Dr. Mariana Bozesan interviews:
Garry Jacobs, President World Academy of Art and Science

Garry Jacobs is a fellow member of the Club of Rome, the president of the World Academy of Art and Science and CEO of the World University Consortium. He is an American-born transdisciplinary thinker, author, and researcher who has lived in Pondicherry, India for many decades. He was widely influenced by Sri Aurobindo and his integral philosophy of consciousness evolution, which Garry applies to business, management, social development and psychology. Garry’s passion is consciousness evolution through human, natural, and social capital.

In this interview, he discusses the requirements a New Green Deal ought to have in order to succeed, particularly from an Indian perspective but not limited to it. He argues that money is in abundant supply and not the issue when it comes to restarting the economy post COVID-19; instead, we need the political will. Garry reminds us that the U.S. has managed to create 100 million jobs over the past century and shows how it can be repeated as soon as we stop draining the abundance created at the bottom of the pyramid to fill a few pockets at the top. In this exciting interview, he outlines his strategy on how to leverage the power associated with money to shift not only outdated economic systems but also the dogmas of academia, education, and climate denial.

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World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) website: http://www.worldacademy.org/
WAAS Twitter: @_WAAS_ https://twitter.com/_WAAS_
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