One Earth - One Goal - One Sustainable Future

AQAL Foundation was founded by Dr. Mariana Bozesan and Thomas Schulz with the intention to fulfill Brundtland's 1987 request for integral sustainability. Integral sustainability aims at fulfilling “the need of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” by applying the Integral Investing philosophy and the Theta Model.

The AQAL Foundation will continue to develop the Integral Investing philosophy and the Theta Model and make it available to all those who care about implementing "The Parity of People, Planet, and Profit — with Passion and Purpose" for the greater good.

This is realized via research, scientific and book publications, events and our investment turnaround podcast series



To drive and join forces around the Investment Turnaround movement, we are organising events such as the Investment Turnaround Summit 2017, actively participating as speakers at numerous conferences worldwide, cooperating with other organisations, and supporting conferences such as the Integral European Conference. Moreover, we create the "Investment Turnaround Podcast". In this podcast series, Dr. Mariana Bozesan interviews some of the world’s most renowned investors, climate scientists, economists, and experts on how to make transformation feasible (Go to the podcast series).


Dr. Mariana Bozesan co-authored the report to the Club of Rome "Come On!", that aims at addressing the current critical state of the world and the need for a bold new beginning. Moreover, we actively support and participate in implementing the “Climate Emergency Initiative” and “New Civilization Moonshot”.


The book "Integral Investing: From Profit to Prosperity" by Dr. Mariana Bozesan, with a foreword by Ken Wilber,  is available now. Click for more information.


We write and contribute to scientific publications on the topic of Integral Investing, such as the chapter in the "Routledge Handbook of Social and Sustainable Finance" and the "ACRN Oxford Paper - De-risking VC investing for outstanding ROI".


In this project, we focus on the further development of Integral Investing and the de-risking tool called the Theta Model, as well as on the measurements necessary for the implementation of the Parity of People, Planet and Profit - with Passion and Purpose (6 Ps). We also look at the newest developments in several fields such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the possibility to integrate them in our model.


The “Emerging New Civilization Initiative (ENCI)” is a Club of Rome initative with the goal to develop global leadership in thought to shape the future of human development. Dr. Mariana Bozesan, full member of the International Club of Rome and founder of the AQAL Foundation, supports this initiative because we are convinced that it is important to create a new civilization that recognizes the systemic interconnectedness of people, nations, sectors and activities to save our beautiful blue planet. Only together, with bright minds from political leaders, businessmen and women, researchers to thought-leaders, philanthropists, financial and investment professionals, the existential threats that the planet faces - climate change, nuclear threat and artificial intelligence - can be addressed.


  • Mariana Bozesan is one of the very few investors I have encountered who is truly concerned with an integral approach to investing based on full-spectrum economics that goes beyond both profit-only and EGS criteria.
    Christian Arnsperger Christian Arnsperger Professor Université de Lausanne
  • Mariana Bozesan shows how …you can… enjoy health and higher levels of vitality, and live a life of joy and fulfillment.
    Deepak Chopra Deepak Chopra Bestselling Author
  • [Mariana Bozesan’s work] … is a brilliant synthesis between scientific research and hands-on advice…
    Dr. John Gray Dr. John Gray Bestselling Author of “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”
  • Mariana Bozesan is an inspiration to others. To share her story is courageous—to use it to help others is admirable.
    Anthony Robbins Anthony Robbins Bestselling Author
  • I found Dr. Bozesan’s research amazing because it confirms my experience over the past 10 years. In nearly all of my presentations on Sustainable Investment and most recently on Sustainable Leadership to the financial sector, I had been referring to the issue of pain as a major drive to begin the transition for businesses and business leaders towards sustainability. When I used to say this, people laughed and didn’t want to hear it. Nice to see that there is an academic basis. For me it was just a gut feeling and observation.
    Robert Rubinstein Robert Rubinstein Founder & CEO TBLI Group
  • Mariana Bozesan is doing a terrific job of applying the Integral AQAL Framework to the difficult and delicate world of finances and investment […] to present a much more comprehensive, inclusive, and integral view. My deep thanks and highest congratulations to her!
    Ken Wilber Ken Wilber Philosopher & Bestselling Author