A selection of past and current investments

Current Investments (Selection)

Tilo Tech GmbH

Berlin, 2024 (current)

High performance data science tools; RAG AI

Identity resolution software for fraud prevention, KYC and compliance. Fuzzy search engine for structured data. The high performance interconnect for LLMs and RAG.

RooflineAI GmbH

Aachen, 2024 (current)

Software Development for Edge AI

RooflineAI provides a versatile Software Development Kit for AI computing on device (Edge AI). We revolutionize the deployment for AI models to edge chips, making a seamless transition to power-efficient systems possible.

Kipu Quantum GmbH

Karlsruhe/Berlin, 2024 (current)

Quantum Tech, Quantum Computing (Software)

Kipu Quantum intends to drastically reduce the time to useful quantum computing - their solutions enable customers to derive value from quantum computing years ahead of other approaches, i.e. not just in the distant future.

Proxima Fusion GmbH

Munich, 2023 (current)

Energy Generation (Fusion)

Proxima Fusion is a fusion energy startup based in Munich. They believe that fusion has the potential to provide clean, abundant and safe energy. Proxima are persuing QI stellarators as the approach with the clearest path to grid deplyment of fusion energy.

We believe the development of fusion reactors has come to critical point of convergence and acceleration: (1) The Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics has shown impressive progress in their Wendelstein W7-X and W7-AS projects, (2) Modern "high-temperature superconductors (HTS)", (3) Computational optimization, including supercomputing and machine learning.


Düsseldorf, 2023 (current)

Life Science, Toxicology, Computational Biology

DNTOX are a bioanalytical testing laboratory for animal-free screening of chemicals, regarding their potential to disturb brain development and cause developmental neurotoxicity (DNT). Their in vitro testing battery is based on human cell models and enables chemical screening in a high-content and medium-throughput fashion, using AI for image recognition.

XO Life GmbH

Munich, 2023 (current)

Digital Health, B2B SaaS

XO Life connects patients and pharma manufacturers for a better life. On their real-world evidence platform, patients answer questions about their health conditions, medicines and therapies to compare themselves with other patients. Pharma companies can use the pseudonymized insights data to better understand medicine and therapy effectiveness and safety to improve patients‘ lives.

Tembo Health, Inc.

New York, 2022 (current)

Digital Health, Telemedicine

Tembo is reimagining healthcare for seniors. They partner with senior care communities and leading clinicians to provide residents with high quality complex care through telemedicine. Offering services like psychiatry and 24/7 urgent care, they keep residents safe, healthy and happy at home.

cureVision GmbH

Munich, 2022 (current)

Digital Health / Medical Device, AI

Fully automatic & exact wound analysis in seconds using AI for image recognition.

Elona Health GmbH

Düsseldorf, 2022 (current)

Digital Health, DiGA Digitale Gesundheitsanwendung

Digital apps to support psychotherapy.

Wondder.io (VaRc GmbH)

Berlin, 2019 (current)

Digital Health, VR Training, HR Tech

Virtual Reality training for Diversity & Inclusion. Scientifically proven reduction in unconscious biases. Wondder uses natural language processing (AI) to enable a dialog with avatars.


Hamburg, 2017 (current)

Health, Med Tech

SURGITENT is a single use expandable sterile glovebox type surgical isolation system, invented by spine surgeon Dr. Ahrens that can be quickly attached upon the patient’s body. SURGITENTS are also ideally suitable for use in disaster areas, as they do not require electricity and are not depending on infrastructure. SURGITENT technology can be applied to a wide range of different surgeries. It is equally attractive to higher and lower income markets plus multiple “off-road” use cases. Moreover, with SURGITENT Surgical Site Infections (SSI) can be reduced.

Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver (Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer)

Munich, 2016 (current)


“Jim Knopf and Luke the Engine Driver” from the bestselling German children´s book author Michael Ende was brought to the movie screens. It is a message-driven movie (100 min) that aims to inspire millions of viewers to follow their heart and intuition, to find their "Inner Jim" and to make our world an even greater place. Friendship and courage, overcoming one´s own fears, viewing challenges as opportunities for growth and choosing to see the true beauty in life are some of the main values in the movie “Jim Knopf and Luke the Engine Driver”.

The movie was among the Top 3 cinema charts for more than 8 weeks in 2018. Moreover, it was the most successful German cinema movie start ever.

Beyond producing the movie, which was the most expensive one in German movie history, the producers see their role in sparking people to believe in their potential and in offering them opportunities to unfold it. Therefore, they also did a more episode casting series for finding Jim, a biographical documentary on Jim as well as the creation of the Jim Button Foundation and of creative centers in Africa to offer children a place to find their “Inner Jim” (The Legacy).

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Past Investments (Selection)

Company Name: NDC Data Centers GmbH (formerly Nixdorf Data Center GmbH)

Status: Sold, 2022

Investment Date: 2016

Sector: Smart Real Estate; IT Infrastructure, Energy Efficiency; Construction

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

Short Description: NDC plans, builds, manages and leases innovative and ultra-efficient data centers. The company realizes cost-effective construction and operation through sustainability at the technological, commercial and building level. The patented water cooling solution of the NDC Cube saves energy costs; and, due to a three-dimensional rack arrangement of the steel structure, required building space is reduced. The innovative deployment model, which comprises of energy services, real estate leasing and facility management, is tailored to customers’ needs. Through NDC tenants can lease data center infrastructure without using own capital investments.

Company websites: https://ndc-datacenters.com , https://ndc-garbe.com

Company Name: Entelios AG

Status: Trade Sale, 2014

Investment Date: 2010

Sector: Energy - Smart Grid

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

Short Description: Germany’s commitment to the Energiewende (energy turnaround) after the Fukushima disaster is an ambitious plan to shift from nuclear and fossil fuels to renewables. However, feeding renewable energy sources such as wind and solar into the power grid is cumbersome because these energy sources are not continuous. In order to guarantee a reliable and inexpensive energy supply in the future, new solutions are required. Entelios is Germany’s first Demand Response aggregator and an energy management solution provider for the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors.

Entelios was bought by EnerNOC in February 2014. Read more about this on the EnerNOC Website or at Ecosummit

Company website: https://entelios.de

Company Name: BioCee, Inc.

Status: In Hibernation

Investment Date: 2007

Sector: BioTech

Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Short Description: BioCee Inc.'s mission is to enable the cost-effective and environmentally sound production of clean fuels, chemicals, and water treatment by harnessing the full biocatalytic potential of microorganisms. BioCee's patented, biocoating innovation is a platform technology that enables the development of novel applications of biocatalysts as well as making existing biocatalysts more competitive by reducing capital and operating costs. Lead application is the biological removal of sulfur from diesel and other petroleum products to reduce their air pollution impact. The second application activity is the design of an advanced photo bioreactor platform, which is suitable for a range of organisms producing fuels and chemicals directly from sunlight and CO2.

Product: BioCee Website

Company Name: Penumbra, Inc.

Status: IPO 2015

Investment Date: 2006

Sector: Health - Medical Device

Headquarters: Alameda, California, USA

Short Description: Penumbra (NYSE:PEN),a medical device company, develops and manufactures innovative and minimally invasive medical devices for patients who are suffering from strokes and various neurovascular diseases. The company offers The Penumbra System, a package of tools that is used by neuro interventional specialists to remove clots from the large vessels of the brain that are causing a stroke; and The Neuron 6F, an intracranial access system that allows higher placement in the neuroanatomy to provide robust anatomical support via enhanced catheter to vessel wall engagement. It has sales operations in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Penumbra had a very successful IPO on the New York Stock Exchange in September 2015.

Company website: https://www.penumbrainc.com

Company Name: PhysioCue, Inc.

Status: Closed

Investment Date: 2017

Sector: Health, Med Tech

Headquarters: San José, Silicon Valley, USA

Short Description: PhysioCue is a digital health and therapy device development company that empowers people with high blood pressure to live healthier, happier and longer lives. The company has developed an innovative, non-invasive approach to thermo-neuro-stimulation of the nervous system for immediate and sustainable hypertension reduction therapy management including their patented BP Bio-sensor technology. PhysioCue's therapy devices are portable, rechargeable, efficient, safe and user-friendly, and they have none of the side effects associated with anti-hypertension drugs.

Company Website: https://physiocue.com

Company Name: Specialty's Café and Restaurant

Status: Exited through trade sale in 2013

Investment Date: 2005

Sector: Restaurant/Food

Headquarters: Pleasanton, CA

Short Description: Specialty's started out as a high-tech food delivery service for fun, healthy and nutritional lunches in office buildings. Later they developed into a chain full-service restaurants.

Portfolio: https://www.specialtys.com

Company Name: Clairvoyante

Status: Exited

Investment Date: 2004

Sector: Electronics/Optics

Headquarters: Cupertino, CA

Short Description: Founded 2000, Clairvoyante developed PenTile RGBW technology to optimize screen brightness, resolution, and power consumption of flat-panel liquid crystal displays that enables high-brightness and low-power displays that needs to support data-centric 3G applications and contents. Clairvoyante was sold to Samsung Electronics in 2008.

Company Name: Tea Living

Status: Exited

Investment Date: 2004

Sector: Apparel

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Short Description:  Tea Living is a San Francisco-based children's clothing designer, focusing on sustainability, "Warmth, Wisdom, and Timelessness".

Company Name: Zonare Medical Systems, Inc.

Status: Trade Sale

Investment Date: 2004

Sector: Health

Headquarters: Mountain View, California, USA

Short Description: ZONARE Medical Systems develops, manufactures, and commercializes compact ultrasound systems that are used for diagnostic imaging in a range of clinical applications and settings. Its product platform, the z.one ultrasound system, is based on its unique data acquisition and image formation technology, Zone Sonography. Zone Sonography technology enables customers to maintain an ultrasound system, and add new clinical applications and advanced image processing capabilities.

Product: Ultrasound Zonare

Company Name: SafeView Inc.

Status: Trade Sale to L3, 2006

Investment Date: 2003

Sector: Security (AI, pattern recognition)

Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA

Short Description: High tech security solution for airports, stadiums, and private buildings. SafeView's full body scanners using millimeter waves are now seen worldwide in airports.


Company Name: Conject Holding GmbH

Status: Trade Sale, 2016

Investment Date: 2000

Sector: B2B IT for Construction

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

Short Description: CONJECT is a leading supplier of domain specific software for public and private owners, project and program managers, consultants, engineers and contractors, subcontractors and service providers from sectors such as real estate, infrastructure, finance, engineering, energy, retail and utilities. Their principal aim is the creation of sustainable buildings that are economically efficient, environmentally friendly and resource efficient. They are comfortable and healthy for users and blend perfectly within their socio-cultural environment. Sustainable buildings retain their high value over time for all stakeholders. Conject was sold to Aconex in March 2016 for € 65 million (see articles in Gründerszene March 17, 2016 and March 29, 2016) and is now part of ORACLE Corp.

Company Website: https://www.aconex.com/conject-de

Company Name: Cybernet Internet Services International Inc.

Status: Reverse IPO (NASDAQ:ZNET) 2017, co-listed on Frankfurt Neuer Markt 2018

Investment Date: 1996

Sector: Internet Service Provider

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

Short Description:  Cybernet Internet Dienstleistungen AG, Munich, was the first truly nationwide Internet Service Provider in Germany. It went public on the NASDAQ in 1998, and it was co-listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange Neuer Markt in 1999. The company had been founded in times when only a few universities and research labs had a connection to the Internet, mostly via local forerunners like University of Karlsruhe and its spin-off Xlink. The Cybernet team and platform survived the dot.com bubble and burst for quite a long time, being bought by several telecom companies in a row. There is still a proud and active alumni group on Xing.

Company Name: Infobahn International

Founded: 1995

Sector: Internet - Website

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

Short Description: Infobahn International was our vehicle to bring the Internet to Germany. Founded in Munich in 1995, Infobahn built the first public Internet website for the proprietary online service CompuServe to be launched at that year's CeBIT, and then proceeded to provide the technology for Germany's first online banking application at Commerzbank, using the Java-based web application server, NetDynamics.