Dr. Mariana Bozesan interviews:
Hans-Christian Boos

My guest today is serial entrepreneur, AI expert, technology thought-leader and tech advisor to the German Chancellor, Chris Boos. In this program, he is challenging current understanding of artificial intelligence, its role in addressing global grand challenges, how societies should deal with information, and how to structure the future of labor through digital business models.

Chris’ mission is to unleash human potential and address global grand challenges through the safe application of artificial intelligence (AI). In this program, Chris is challenging current understanding of economics, finance, public discourse, and their role in addressing issues of global importance including the man-machine-relationship. We discuss how societies must change post Covid-19 to ensure social cohesion, address disinformation bias and how to structure sustainable finance and economics to secure the future of labor through sustainable business models in the digital age.

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Narrated by Albert Bozesan, produced by Peak State Entertainment