Hilarious audio sitcom Jour Fixe is a love letter to the German start-up scene

Dear friends, 

laughter is healing and has been used therapeutically for thousands of years. Needless to say, during times of crisis, we need to laugh more to empower ourselves so we can help those in need.

As investors and entrepreneurs, we have moments of comedic amazement regularly; either when we get to read “creative” pitches or must stare at gravity-defying hipster beards across the negotiating table. We go home, have a good laugh, and get on with our lives.

Jour Fixe - Poster

At least, that’s what my husband and I thought for decades. It turns out, our son, Albert Bozesan, was carefully listening to our stories the whole time. He was listening, laughing his heart out, processing, and quietly writing them down… Together with his writing partner Robert Sladeczek, Albert created the hilarious audio-sitcom Jour Fixe about the German startup scene. Eventually, it caught the interest of media company ProSiebenSat.1 which funded its production and recently published it on FYEO, their new streaming service. 

Jour Fixe is a series of love letters to entrepreneurship that humorously and ruthlessly expose the absurdities of the start-up scene, while consistently embracing a can-do mentality. If you like “The Office”, “Brooklyn 99” or “Parks & Recreation”, you will love the German audio-sitcom – I promise. Why? Because the director and producer is none other than Tommy Krappweis, whom my German friends may know as the creator of the famous kid’s character “Bernd das Brot” or from RTL Samstag Nacht. And in guest roles, you will enjoy renowned German actors Wigald BoningHugo Egon Balder, and Hella von Sinnen in addition to other comedy-hall-of-famers.

To get Jour Fixe for free

1. Download the FYEO.de App
2. Click and start laughing here:
https://open.fyeo.de/podcast/Rbfu 🙂

Episode 1 requires no signup. The rest of the episodes can be heard after opening an account. It is free, much like a Netflix trial.

The creators of Jour Fixe: Tommy Krappweis (producer/director),
Robert Sladeczek & Albert Bozesan (writers, actors).

PLEASE HELP SUPPORT ARTISTS: During COVID-19, with barely any filmmaking possible, audio productions are keeping artists afloat through socially distant recording. So, if you enjoy Jour FixePLEASE share it on social media. Please tag the FYEO accounts:
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Thank you for generating more healing laughters!
Keep smiling and making your life a masterpiece

Yours, always