On June 5, 2019, Mariana Bozesan was interviewed by valueDACH, the Value Investing Community. 

During the interview she talks about the early days of her AI activities in the 1980s in Silicon Valley, the launch of Cybernet, the first German Internet Service Provider together with Tom Schulz, and how she become a serial entrepreneur turned investor.

Today, as the European Female Investor of the Year 2019, a full member in the International Club of Rome and a Fellow in WAAS, Mariana proposes concrete solutions on how to address climate change and unsafe exponential technologies within Planetary Boundaries.

On June 5, Mariana Bozesan announced the Climate Endowment together with AQAL AG co-founders Tom Schulz and Markus Bodenmeier, as well as with Jochen Wermuth, founder of Wermuth Asset Management. The aim of the Climate Endowment is to provide institutional investors with an appropriate platform for investing in renewable energy, new mobility and related cleantech assets.

Read more about the Climate Endowment Fund:
German press release
English press release

Watch the launch of the Climate Endowment Fund: