The Fourth International Vatican Conference continues the global healthcare movement that started eight years ago with the first edition of this exclusive international event.

The conference united the world’s leading scientists and physicians, patients, ethicists and leaders of faith, government officials and philanthropists to stimulate an open dialogue and utilize an interdisciplinary approach to improve human health globally in an effort to Prevent, Repair, Cure and Prepare for the Future.

During the three-day conference, many powerful conversations occurred, and world thought leaders gave enlightening speeches. Among them, Tony Robbins (one of the top 10 Motivational Trainers in the US), Peter Gabriel (pioneer in the use of cameras and technology in human rights work), Peter Diamandis (Singularity University), Deepak Chopra (pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation), and W.E. “ED” Bosarge PhD (pioneer in the application of advanced mathematics to the fields of finance, medicine and energy).

AQAL, using the Theta Model and the investment philosophy called Integral Investing, performs direct investments across multiple stages of a start-up’s investment needs; included healthcare solutions. Considering the affinity and the common interest and on behalf of the Club of Rome, we were invited to the conference.

Markus Bodenmeier, co-CEO at AQAL declared: “It was such a great experience to attend the conference, and take part in such empowering discussions. I have been a witness of the knowledge and the results that science achieved. Different kind of illness can be cure now, and this gives us a lot of hope and faith in the future. Lastly, to conclude, it was an immense pleasure to meet Deepak Chopra”.


The Fourth International Vatican Conference was created by Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture, The Cura Foundation, STOQ and the Stem for Life Foundation. More information here: