February 11-15th, 2019. This year’s Toniic annual global gathering took place in Pollenzo, Italy.

This is the birthplace of the “slow food” movement, and we all enjoyed the food, wine, and extraordinary hospitality of the place. It was fun to hear the story of slow food from the inventor himself, Carlo Petrini (left in the picture).

Toniic’s membership continues to grow internationally; many sessions focused on “food” as an investment theme. Not only is UN SDG #2 “Zero Hunger”, but the production of food touches on the Planetary Boundaries (water resources, land, and energy).

We are looking forward to RethinkX’s (https://rethinkx.com) upcoming report on the disruption in the food industry. Jamie Arbib gave us a preview, explaining how artificial meat will change the ecology, economy, and sociology around today’s agriculture and food industry.