Tom Schulz had the opportunity to participate in the Berlin Green Investment Summit (BGIS) from 5 to 7 June and commented about it in this video interview with Tilman Versch of valueDACH, the Value Investing Community. The interview includes a brief history of AQAL’s early beginning in Silicon Valley and his experience as co-founder of Germany’s first nationwide Internet Service Provider and as member of the business angel networks community dealing in venture capital endeavors for the clean-tech industry. 


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A huge project that AQAL is involved with today is the Climate Endowment.  AQAL, together with Wermuth Asset Management is attracting capital from institutional investors, e.g. insurance companies, pension and state funds to finance infrastructure projects aiding renewable energy and clean tech projects where the technical advances and innovation are taking place. This is a significant shift of capital towards CO2-reduction measures.

Another project of AQAL is the investment in NDC Data Centers, a company that builds energy- and resource-efficient data centers for cloud operators like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, or Facebook. Currently, NDC are developing a server farm in northern Sweden using building techniques that reduce operating and capital costs while reducing the carbon footprint significantly.

For future projects AQAL looks at DNA printers that can design DNA chains, the food revolution (for example meat alternatives) and with BIOTOPIA creating a life-science museum as a discussion platform dealing in controversial themes.