On April 7th 2018 the Club of Rome celebrated its 50th anniversary. Aurelio Peccei, its founder, was not only a brilliant Renaissance man and a successful business person, but also a shrewd investor. He invested in the collective wisdom of other brilliant minds and hearts with the intention to help humanity thrive on our beautiful blue planet. The Club of Rome became a significant think and do tank that is leveraging the collective wisdom of world renowned economists, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and politicians for the greater good, the environment, cultures, and global society. Dr. Bozesan is one of its 100 members and a driving force aimed at changing the paradigm in finance and investing through the investment turnaround, the Investmentwende. Together with other 35 contributors, she has also  co-authored the latest report to the Club of Rome “Come On!” that has already become a German bestseller.

At the 50th anniversary, Mariana honored the club in her keynote speech reminding humanity about our insignificance within Gaia and the importance of aligning all of our systems including the financial one with the wisdom of Mother Nature. In her speech, she spoke metaphorically about how humanity happily shared her secrets with us. She taught us about adaptation through natural selection, about leveraging each new niche and about entrepreneurship. She taught us also about pluralism, circularity, diversity, but also about extinction and the law of bankruptcy. The world learned, became entrepreneurial, and invented money as a means to exchange goods. But over time, we forgot that money was just an exchange symbol for goods and not the goods themselves. We began hoarding it, yes, even printing it and we ended up building an entire financial industry around it; an industry that could not be further away from Mother Nature. In the end, we forgot about Mother Nature all together. We forgot that we cannot eat, drink or breathe money!