“Values, Words and Actions”

The 27th edition of the Hilton Talks brought three very inspirational personalities Dr. Mariana Bozesan, Prof. Dr. Kai C. Andrejewski and Dr. med. Marianowicz, on stage who discussed what´s most important in life – „Values, Words or Actions“.

Dr. Mariana Bozesan International Club of Rome member and founder AQAL Capital is convinced that actions are the most influential of all three. She says “We have to act now, implement the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and realize an investment turnaround to more integral sustainable investments – if we do not act – nothing will change. Actions are the most important one!”

Prof. Dr. Kai C. Andrejewski Regional Managing Partner at KPMG agrees as only actions bring visible results. For him also actions are the essential one.

Dr. med. Martin Marianowicz founder and director of Marianowicz Medizin thinks that values are the most important. He is convinced that only when there is a value change the healthcare system can be changed. This is especially important as it is run too much business oriented at the moment – often not the best decision for the patient but the most effective treatment is chosen to heal the patient.

According to the evening’s guests, the 27th edition of the Hilton Talks was an amazing and inspiring evening. Stephanie Ehrenschwendner (20 years experience in the publishing industry in leading positions, as author and consultant) said: “Dear Dr. Bozesan, thank you very much for the inspirational words at yesterday´s Hilton Talk. Your contribution was characterized by competences like lifeblood, not only academic, as you mentioned in our following conversation about publications. I liked what you said about sustainable investments, ecological as well as economical, but also your openness and clarity.”