Mariana and I met Jan Michael Hess in 2009, when we had just moved back from Palo Alto to Munich. He talked about putting together a CleanTech event bringing together the startup scene with investors and large corporates. What came out of this crazy idea is just amazing — EcoSummit celebrated its 10th anniversary in Berlin this May. The event is very well known for state-of-the-art technology and teams, and the relevant venture capitalists and corporate investors are not only showing up but are mingling in an almost family party.

This year’s event saw a lot of new energy service companies, similar to our very own Entelios AG (founded 2009, sold 2014 to EnerNOC). I hope the regulatory environment has developed … or will develop faster under “the street pressure” from #FridaysForFuture. It is almost unreal to see politicians in Berlin speeding up pretending that they are catching up what they had missed doing for so long.

The final session of this year’s EcoSummit was an investor panel on “eco investments”. Bart Markus, formerly partner at Wellington VC, now investor in a British fusion (sic!) startup, lead through a panel addressing the important current questions: what are the relevant fields to save the world (energy, cleantech, SDG), is is feasible investing in socially or environmentally impactful companies and still make money (yes!)… have a look for yourself here.


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Summit Agenda:
Further info: Ecosummit, 15-16.5.19 at Radialstem Berlin, 10th anniversary of Ecosummit, 125 speakers (80 startups)