Dr. Mariana Bozesan interviews:
Dr. Jan Bellermann, CEO and Founder of the Conscious Leadership Academy

Times of crisis remind us that we cannot control the outside world, we cannot control what other people do, we cannot control the weather, nor a coronavirus for that matter. What we can control is our psychological state, what we think, how we behave, and who we become during the crisis.

We do have the choice. But are we able to make the right choice when in stress? What does it take to Wake Up and to Grow Up to be a better person? For the first time in a recording, Jan Bellermann shares his own story of awakening to higher dimensions of his being. His initial Wake-Up call was so impactful that it eventually changed the course of his professional career. In this podcast he shows how he works with leadership teams to move away from desperation toward inspiration and confirms that our mindset is the key to both our happiness and our misery.

Enjoy the show!

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Narrated by Albert Bozesan, produced by Peak State Entertainment