Dear friends,

as COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, social intimacy is actually growing while we are all practicing social distancing. We have now plenty of time to think deeply about what comes after this crisis.

The truth is that it is up to us to co-create the future we want. We are not at the mercy of anybody. But, in order to make the future we want, we must understand what is currently going on. Moreover, we need to realize what is at stake if we don’t get involved.

Yet, in order to come up with the right answers, we must ask the right questions such as:

  • Is our democracy in danger of being replaced by autocracy?
  • Is exponential tech including artificial intelligence a curse or a blessing?
  • How competent are our national governments in this crisis?
  • Is the European Union going to thrive and lead us toward the Green Evolution or collapse? What about the United Nations?
  • Who are you, personally, right now? Do you go out and buy even more toilet paper, or are you an inspiration to yourself and others?

Discussing these questions is the topic of my article “What Follows COVID-19: Democratic Evolution or Regression Toward Autocracy?” just published on Medium.

I want to hear from you and invite you to co-create the future we all want.

Yours truly,
Mariana Bozesan