We are proud to have AQAL and NDC Data Centers mentioned in Handelsblatt “Business Briefing Nachhaltige Investments”.

In its newsletter, Handelsblatt highlighted AQAL’s engagement in integral investments in health, energy and the construction of data centers, and Dr. Bozesan’s leading role as Club of Rome Member and ambassador for integral sustainable investments. Moreover, as a best practice example NDC – AQAL’s portfolio company – was mentioned.

NDC Data Centers save 50% construction material and 50% energy per data center. Dr. Bozesan describes the investment potential in this integral sustainable investment opportunity as follows: “In our portfolio company NDC Data Centers, for example, an integral sustainable investment of up to half a billion Euro per data center project is possible” (Newsletter Version 8.2.2019 Nr.2).

For more information on NDC Data Centers check our portfolio or visit the NDC website.

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