As of October 2018, our portfolio company Nixdorf Data Center GmbH was renamed into NDC Data Centers GmbH. Other than the name everything else stays the same. The rebranding was done to avoid any confusion with other Nixdorf brands.


Q: What does “NDC” stand for?

A: “NDC” stands for “NDC Data Centers”, which makes it a recursive acronym — a very nice geeky things, actually. All our IT people love it, anyways.
Wikipedia writes: A recursive acronym is an acronym that refers to itself. The term was first used in print in 1979 in Douglas Hofstadter’s book Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, in which Hofstadter invents the acronym GOD, meaning “GOD Over Djinn”, to help explain infinite series, and describes it as a recursive acronym.
Another famous example is “GNU” = “GNU’s Not Unix”

Q: But don’t you suffer from “RAS syndrome”?

A: Not only is “NDC” a recursive acronym, but also is “NDC Data Centers” a redundant acronym. This is similar to “PIN number” = “ personal identification number number”, or “HIV virus” = “human immunodeficiency virus virus”. And no, we don’t suffer — we enjoy it.

Q: No really, why the “N”?

A: Investors in NDC Data Centers GmbH include the family office of the late Heinz Nixdorf (1925-1986), an entrepreneur who single-handedly built the German computer industry in the 1960ies to 80ies. We are proud to follow his footsteps.