Dr. Mariana Bozesan interviews:
Prof. Dr. Ralf Frank

Dear friends,

my guest in this conversation is Ralf Frank, professor of Organizational Transformation at GISMA Business School who has extensive experience in investment and finance, as well as organizational transformation, sustainability, and digitalization. He started his professional career in Marketing and Business Development at Case International Harvester in 1992. He received his Doctorate in Business Administration from the Universität Hamburg, an MBA from Sheffield Hallam University, and an MA in English, Communicational Sciences and Politics from Universität Essen. He is a trained Systemic Therapist & Consultant and member of the German chapter of the Club of Rome.

In this interview, we discuss:

8:32 What is the sustainable finance action plan of the EU Commission? 

9:12 What makes the EU Taxonomy a political instrument and why? 

23:02 How does the EU Taxonomy apply to Venture Capital and Private Equity in general and Entrepreneurship in particular? And much more

Enjoy the show and share it widely!

— Mariana

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