Dear friends,

Current stimulus packages aim to restart the economy and to create jobs. However, we must not repeat the mistakes following the 2008 financial crisis. We now have the opportunity to unleash innovation and make transformation feasible.

The biggest question then becomes: How can capital reach entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises? SMEs have few or no assets, yet they are most innovative and contribute to about 90% of businesses, 50% of employment worldwide, and about 55% of GDP.

Our answer? Better de-risking. 

And we show how to do it in a paper published yesterday by the CADMUS journal of the renowned World Academy of Art and Science. Tom and I together with Tom Kehler, our close friend and AI legend, share our secrets of our 26+ years of expertise in early-stage investing and demonstrate how to scale and digitize the de-risking process using an integral approach to investing enhanced with human-centered AI.

You can download the CADMUS paper here .

This paper is part of the Project on Global Leadership in the 21st Century between the United Nations Office in Geneva (UNOG) and the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) of which I am a Fellow and with which AQAL Capital has partnered.

Our paper is also part of the foundation for the e-conference “Strategies for Transformative Global Leadership” organized by WAAS and UNOG from June 15-19, 2020.

To join my panel tomorrow, June 16th at 3 PM CET and attend the e-conference register here .

Also, I am inviting you to join my presentation on “The Future of Investing and the Role of Exponential Tech” on Thursday, June 18th at 10 AM CET at the EUTEC Digital Talk Series.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. In the meantime, stay healthy and keep making your life a masterpiece

Mariana & Tom