Charles Darwin once said, “Anything that opposes nature will not last for a long time”.

You certainly have been able to enjoy the wonders of nature several times, whether it has been on a journey to a distant country, in your own garden or in the healing process. The regenerative powers of nature and your own body are enormous.

Did you know that our skin renews itself completely every 4 weeks, our kidneys every 8 weeks and our lungs every 8 months?

Markus Bodenmeier received an insight into the latest advances in regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy at the “Unite to Cure” Vatican Conference in April 2018. Multipotent stem cells are endogenous cells that can copy healthy cells and so can replace dead/damaged cells. With this so-called stem cell therapy degenerative diseases in joints as well as chronic skin defects can be cured today without surgery.

In the Vatican, Markus Bodenmeier met the Munich orthopedist Prof. Dr. med. Schoettle, who is applying various forms of stem cell therapy in accordance with the legal possibilities since several years. He has achieved credible and transparent success with it – people who play golf again, or who stand up after a long pain-related inactivity and who realize their dreams free of pain.

On 4thof July Prof. Dr. med. Schoettle introduced this progress and the enormously fast and body gentle successes of stem cell therapy at an exclusive information evening organized by the Knee and Hip Institute and the AQAL Group.

Prof. Dr. med. Schoettle talked about the current state of stem cell therapy and the possibilities in the future, not only in the area of ​​knee, hip and shoulder complaints, but also concerning other diseases. He presented the different stemcell types, where you can find stemcells in the body and what therapies are possible. The examples he showed were impressive and for us at AQAL this is the medicine of the future that should be available for everyone.