Dr. Mariana Bozesan contributed to potential answers on this question in the new Europe Delivers report “A New Kind of Growth for Europe”. We need action across four Grand Challenges to secure the well-being of European citizens:

  1. The Future of Work – How can Europe ensure that the changing landscape of work optimises both business performance and human prosperity?
  2. A Green and Resilient Economy – How can Europe recalibrate economic growth so that it balances short-term human needs with long-term environmental resilience?
  3. A Global Europe – How can Europe lead the world towards an open, collaborative and universally prosperous future?
  4. A New Social Contract – How can Europe repair the social contract between leaders and people to reflect the evolving needs of modern society?

The team that produced the report identified four Grand Challenges – addressed through eight opportunity areas – to drive us to a new kind of growth for Europe.



A new kind of growth for Europe - overview picture
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Source: „A New kind of growth for Europe“ (Xynteo, 2018, https://xynteo.com/europe-delivers/)

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Europe Delivers is a platform for reinventing growth in Europe. It aims to inspire a new narrative on growth; build a movement of change-makers; and catalyse impact toward a new kind of growth in Europe. Visit the website and download the full report here: https://xynteo.com/europe-delivers/


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