In order to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals, approx. $3.9 trillion per year will have to be invested. Currently, there is an annual investment gap of $2.5 trillion per year.

Having this in mind, companies, NGOs, and private investors met at the SDG Impact Investment Forum (28 March 2019) in Belarus in the town of Minsk for a one-day event about Impact Investing.

Why Impact Investing matters? To answer this question, different keynote speakers shared their experiences about implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in fields such as finance, investment, and society. 

Real case studies of impact investments were deeply discussed during the many riveting panels that took place on the same day. 

Here is a selection of the main topics discussed:

  • Green economy 
  • Investment proposal for the construction of a wind farm 
  • Digitalization in manufacturing
  • FIFA investment into healthy lifestyle choices through soccer 
  • Future generation orientation 
  • Attracting impact investment through green bonds and social bonds issuance 
  • Emerging Impact investment opportunities in Belarus

Markus Bodenmeier, AQAL’s Co-Founder, took part in one of the panel discussions. He explained how to create a favorable ecosystem of integral investing from European experience. Markus Bodenmeier explained that wealth was created mainly by energy companies in the last centuries, and led to CO2 pollution, global warming and loss in species. We have managed to destroy our basis of life. “An energy turnaround to green energy sources using wind, sun, and water is undeniably necessary” he said. The investment focus needs to shift from traditional investing to integral investing. This approach concentrates on risk-adjusted financial returns while implementing the Parity of People, Planet, and Profit – with Passion and Purpose (6 Ps), as proven in the NDC Data Centers‘ case (AQAL’s portfolio company).

Why should you become an impact investor? Because we only have one beautiful blue planet, and we have to combine private, public and individual actions to create a social, environmental, ethical, cultural and purposeful impact on the world we all live in. To create a favorable ecosystem for an investment turnaround we need a combination of private investors, innovative companies, impact investor networks, subsidies, laws, leadership and action.

Let’s preserve our Earth together! If not now, when? If not us, who?