From two single family offices to an integral finance group

AQAL Capital GmbH

AQAL Capital is a single family-office that was originally named Infobahn Angels and which began its activities in 1993 by investing in BayNet World, the first Silicon Valley real estate Internet platform, co-founded by Tom Schulz. BayNet World was followed by Infobahn International GmbH, Infobahn Romania SRL, and Cybernet AG, the first Internet Service Provider that went public on the German Stock Exchange, der Neue Markt.


PSBG is a single-family office focusing on restructuring and company building while integrating sustainability in all its business processes. As active holding PSBG supports its business investments with intensive functional and strategic support. Main investments have been HPI AG fleet management, eprolog AG a long-term and strategic procurement & supply chain management service provider and UBH software development for automation and business solutions.

The AQAL Group —
Integral Impact Investing

AQAL AG is a Munich-based, exponential-tech holding company that performs direct and indirect investments across multiple stages of a company's investment needs, ranging from early stage to growth stages. We create successful and integrally sustainable (people, planet, profit) companies from the very beginning.

We integrate our fiduciary goals with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments and de-risk our investments by creating integrally sustainable organizations.

We deploy our capital for optimal, risk-adjusted financial return, and premium integral impact return. We use the Integral Theory to create an integrally sustainable investing landscape.

We apply the Theta Model to de-risk our investments and to implement our 6Ps.

AQAL Foundation was founded by Dr. Mariana Bozesan and Thomas Schulz with the intention to fulfill Brundtland's 1987 request for integral sustainability. Integral sustainability aims at fulfilling “the need of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” by applying the Integral Investing philosophy and the Theta Model.

The AQAL Foundation will continue to develop the Integral Investing philosophy and the Theta Model and make it available to all those who care about implementing "The Parity of People, Planet, and Profit — with Passion and Purpose" for the greater good.

This is realized via research, scientific and book publications, events and our investment turnaround podcast series

What comes next?
Which partners will join in the future?

More and more investors ask us how Integral Investing works and how we could cooperate. Therefore, AQAL developed from a single family office, to a multi family office and now an investment group initiating bonds and investing together with friends.

On October 2017 we officially launched the Investment Turnaround (Investmentwende) as a call for a change from traditional to Integral Investing. Today AQAL is working with partners and already plans the next steps to scale Integral Investing.